We care about The Environment

We try to make our service as environmentally friendly as possible. We use pro-recycling sites and send re-usable waste such as bedding and clothing to charity and animal-care centres. When undertaking cleaning jobs, we aim to be as respectful to The Environment as possible in the products and methods we use, and when disposing of waste that cannot be recycled, we ensure its correct and legal disposal (we are a licensed waste carrier, holding the upper tier licence for waste carrying – CBDU42974).

Environment Agency Registered Waste Carrier


Environmental Statement

D&L House Clearances is committed to reducing the environmental impact of all of its business activities. As an organisation, we recognise both the significance of preserving The Environment for generations to come, and of ensuring that consumers and clients can guarantee a transparent and ethical procurement process in any service they purchase.

This is put into practice through:
  • Compliance with existing environmental legislation.
  • Ensuring that the environmental credentials of subcontractors are considered when working with them.
  • To maintain a comprehensive recycling programme, to ensure that all recyclable goods used by our organisation are salvaged.
  • Adoption of and promoting the whole concept of recycling to others.
  • We understand that education is one of the most important tools in the fight against climate change and we are committed to ensuring that our staff understand the causes of and methods for minimising environmental damage.

This policy will be reviewed every 12 months in order to ensure that it is serving its purpose efficiently and effectively.